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After graduation from Stanford and Stanford Law School, I practiced law for 25 years in Los Angeles. At present I work as a conservator and legal trustee. Along the way my life took an unexpected turn as I became involved in various journalistic projects. Since 1988 I have attended all 16 Democratic and Republican National Conventions as a reporter, photographer, or cable TV interviewer. In the 1990s I produced and hosted an interview and documentary program in Los Angeles entitled Ed Anderson’s Journal, which was shown on cable systems in California, Wisconsin, Washington DC, and Manitoba, Canada. My guests were mainly politicians and writers. One episode, an oral history entitled “Deportation to Siberia: The Story of Laima Veckalne Linalaid,” was broadcast on Latvian State Television. Between 2001 and 2004 I wrote numerous times for David Horowitz's My articles were cited by various media outlets, including The Washington Times and The Wall Street Journal’s “Best of the Web Today." I was a guest on the Larry Elder radio show to discuss my article about bias in the news columns of the Los Angeles Times. I have also written for, the website of the Center for the American University at the Manhattan Institute, and (in English) for Laiks, an internationally circulated Latvian newspaper.